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Training with The Elite Doula & Co is like no other training available. Period.


This is not Pick-A-Part. We offer an all-in-one comprehensive training that prepares you to work with families as an Elite Certified Christian Pro-Life Doula - that includes fertility, childbirth education, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding counseling, newborn/infant care, as well as PICL (pregnancy, infant and child loss) bereavement training to provide our families with the very best continuity of care throughout their entire parenthood journey.

***We've added a L&D Birth Doula Course without all the extra bells and whistles of our full EDC training! More details below! ***


What exactly is a doula? 


Dou·la /ˈdo͞olə/ - comes from ancient Greek term meaning a woman who serves or  mothering the mother. It also includes ancestral wisdom passed down from generation-to-generation. Today, doulas are sometimes referred to as non-medically trained labor coaches. Doulas have professional training and experience in fertility, pregnancy, childbirth education, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum maternal care, newborn/infant care and early childhood parenting, and sometimes PICL (Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss) bereavement knowledge either through an organization, her own experiences, private training, or any combination of her life experiences.

She is a practitioner. She is a professional. She is a birthworker. She is a coach. She is a DOULA.

She gives professional, emotional, educational and informational support to moms during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and loss.

She is all-knowing in childbirth education.

She is a breastfeeding guru.

She is a maternal mental health professional.

She statistically has helped birthing moms have more satisfying births with lower incidences of unnecessary medical interventions during labor and delivery.

She statistically has helped lower the risk of postpartum depression.

She works hard.

She DESERVES a living wage.

She is her own boss - a boss babe.

She is NOT a maid - despite what some may think.

She is NOT a high-priced nanny.

She is NOT always without medical or mental health training.

She comes with her own unique skill set.

She is NOT ethically bound to someone or some big agencies ideals of scope of practice or ideals on how she supports women - one size does not fit all.

She is NOT limited in her own unique abilities as dictated by some certifying agencies.

She is NOT formally or legally regulated by any state entity - or other doulas’ beliefs for that matter!

She has full autonomy - the same we strive to give our clients.

In the end, if you my sister doula, have the experience, knowledge, training, skill set, life experiences and ability to serve a woman in anyway outside the parameters some larger agencies have set for their own benefit - and it does not legally or ethically venture into a regulated professional scope of practice that you are not qualified for - then by all means DO YOU!

Doula - DO YOU!

PS - I do want to add that if a doula is trained in other professions such as a social worker, pastor, massage therapist, herbalist, nurse, therapist, coach, etc., and is serving her clients in a dual role wearing multiple hats - it is ethically best practice to be transparent and make her additional role/skill set known to her clients.

That is what a Doula is!


How is EDC different than other certifying agencies?

We are proud to be going against the grain so to speak, to be shaking things up, and doing things better here at EDC. Here are just a few ways we are doing that:

  • EDC is built upon faith-based and Christ-centered principals. We build our practices around teachings of our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we have built our curriculum around conservative Christian values, morals, and beliefs, as well as using traditional family and identifying language in all our material, including our training curriculum.

  • We believe our Heavenly Father created man and woman who are divinely designed with equally important, yet different abilities, responsibilities, and roles within the marriage, the family, and society. We honor and cherish God's design for men and women, for masculinity and femininity. We know and respect the truth that only women give birth and breastfeed their babies, therefore we do not train our doulas about the LGBTQ lifestyle or how to specialize in working with the social/emotional complexities within the LGBTQ community. An advanced training with a liberal-rooted/secular agency would be recommended before working with LGBTQ families, as we acknowledge that it takes special training and more advanced skill sets to serve this population.  

  • Acknowledging and knowing who your ideal clients are is respected and encouraged. We do not force you to be all inclusive in your practice.  

  • We have a comprehensive curriculum that integrates the ancestral wisdom, philosophy and principals of a doula combined with professional coaching methods. We know you want to give your clients the very best care, and now you can. EDC has created an exclusive education like no other.

  • As it pertains to birth work and women and children’s health, we believe in informed consent and in a truly blended space where the necessity and respect for medical care providers and modern medicine, meets ancestral traditional women’s wisdom of birth practices, as well as complementary herbal & botanical integrative medicines. It is not an us against them mentality seen in other doula and birthing communities. We also value and appreciate OBs and midwives personal experiences and anecdotal evidence. 

  • We believe in true advocacy. Some women will not have a voice due to trauma or lack of understanding. You are their advocate and we encourage you to speak up when/if needed to protect your client.  

  • We believe in integrating a holistic approach to birth work if you choose. You will learn about essential oils and herbal remedies for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and babies. 

  • We believe in and respect the evidence-based research that doulas improve birth and postpartum outcomes for mothers and babies. We also built our curriculum using evidence-based materials that includes education from the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just to list a few. We also believe in trusting our womanly wisdom and anecdotal truths. 

  • We believe every professionally trained Elite Doula has the autonomy in making her own choices as to what is best for her and her clients while running her own business. You are your own boss - not EDC. While The Elite Doula & Co provides comprehensive training, each doula runs an independent business that is not managed, monitored, or held liable to EDC. In other words, we do NOT regulate your private practice! This includes respecting your personal and/or religious views as it pertains to your target market.

  • EDC trainer/mentors are highly qualified doulas who run their own successful practices. They too are not employed by EDC, rather they are independent doulas with independently owned agencies, and they have been carefully selected by EDC to provide our students with the skill set and hands-on training necessary to complete the Elite Doula training.

  • We believe doulas can wear many hats and can have a wide-range of scope of practice - given she has the training and/or appropriate credentials to legally practice in her state. Therefore, EDC will never regulate our graduates' scope of practice, as this is so individualized based on one’s own training and credentials. Again, you have autonomy over your own private practice. The same autonomy and respect we afford our clients.

  • While we believe every woman should have a doula, and we believe in community, acts of kindness, volunteering and altruism - we maintain that every Elite Doula Birth Coach has worth and value - deserving a full professional wage for her valuable services.

  • We Do Not Train to Support Women Choosing Abortion As Part of Our Pro-Life Full-Spectrum Training! Rather, we cover everything from fertility all the way through infant care - meaning pro-life full-spectrum or a generalist practitioner. 

  • We believe in training our doulas in all areas - a pro-life full spectrum doula - and let you decide if you want to specialize in one particular area or not. One price - no hidden fees to EDC - and your hands on workshop is included in the full tuition price. * If you purchase the EDC full training at a discount - there could be an additional fee for the hands-on training workshop - depending on the particular sale.*

  • We take your training very seriously - just like you do. We want you to succeed! 

Woman with Grey Scarf

Can I just say I've learned more that I didn't know in this first module than I learned in my entire training manual for the other training I was working on? (***)

After discussing it with my husband, I decided to quit that other program because it was making me frustrated and angry, and he even agreed it was worth losing that money.

I did my **** training in 2012, and have had 3 babes of my own, so I expected this course to be a lot of review. There is some review, but dude, y'all! This program is AMAZING!


I'm learning so much, and it's fun, fulfilling, and so reassuring to know that I've got a Christ-centered instructor to help me, and a group of other wonderful doulas to learn from and support each other!”

— Lisa, EDC Student

“I'm gonna chime in and say, DITTO!! I have learned more in this last month with EDC than I did with my **** training and my 6 months as a midwife's assistant! I love the depth, the support and motivation to really make my doula business a go. I feel like I will really be a knowledgeable doula, not just a compassionate one”

— Monique, EDC Student


We believe you should not have to choose between becoming a childbirth educator, a fertility coach/doula, a birth doula, a postpartum doula or maternal well-being coach, a newborn/infant care specialist, a breastfeeding counselor, or a PICL (Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss) bereavement doula, so we've created an all-in-one completely comprehensive doula training academy. Becoming a doula should not be so complicated. Our doulas are professionally trained in all areas of maternal doula care  becoming an Elite Certified Christian Pro-Life Doula, so families have continuity of care, and you can then decide which area(s) of practice to specialize in. 


We Do Not Train to Support Women Choosing Abortion As Part of Our Pro-Life Full-Spectrum Training! Rather, we cover everything from fertility all the way through infant care - meaning a pro-life full-spectrum or a generalist practitioner. 


What does it cost to train with EDC?

We offer the best value in doula birth coaching. Our normal full price tuition costs $1,500.00, which includes your online training course, access to live support during your training, a 1-day hands-on training workshop, and students in good standing will have lifetime access to the EDC Facebook training group. (Price does not include the price of books for student required reading - some books are provided and are not on the list). *Sale prices may not include the hands-on workshop.*

We also offer a L&D Birth Coach ONLY course for $500.00, which includes your online training course, a hands-on training workshop, and lifetime access to the EDC L&D Facebook training group. 


*** Please note the full course is a very intensive and comprehensive training, and although it is self-paced and you have all the time in the world to finish this course, you will only be successful if you put forth effort - the same effort you would for any good education and investment in yourself! 

To cross-train or cross-certify, use the coupon code: BLESSINGS to receive $500.00 off the full training course price. This discount is only available for the full course and not the L&D course. 

*** PROOF OF CERTIFICATION OR PRIOR TRAINING FROM ANOTHER AGENCY IS REQUIRED! You will need to email proof before being allowed access to the course. 


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