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Elite Training Required Reading List

Business Module Textbook

Anatomy & Physiology Textbook

Trauma Informed Module Textbooks | Choose ONE of The Following

And How To Heal A Bad Birth



Fertility Module Textbooks (other textbooks are provided)




Childbirth Education Textbooks
Only PCN and Mindful Birthing are required reading.
*The Mindful Christian, The Gift of Giving Life and Made for This are NOT required, however they are recommended at a later time.

Birth Module Textbooks
*The Labor Progress Handbook is NOT required reading, however it is recommended for additional advanced study.

Infant Care Specialist Module Textbooks (other textbooks are provided)

Postpartum Module Textbook | Choose Only ONE
(other textbooks are provided)

Breastfeeding Module Textbook / 
Choose From ONE of the Following

High-Risk Pregnancy | Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss Module Textbooks (other required reading textbooks for this module are provided)

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