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Elite Training Required Reading List

Business Module Textbook

Anatomy & Physiology Textbook

Doula Business Guide.jpg
Preparing for a Gentle Birth.jpg

Trauma Informed Module Textbooks | Choose ONE of The Following

And How To Heal A Bad Birth

When Survivors Give Birth.jpg


Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse.jpg


How to Heal A Bad Birth.jpg

Fertility Module Textbooks (other textbooks are provided)


Taking Charge of Your Fertility.jpg
The Infertility Companion.jpg


The Infertility Companion for Catholics.jpg


Tears of Sorrow Seeds of Hope Jewish.jpg

Childbirth Education Textbooks
Only PCN and Mindful Birthing are required reading.
*The Mindful Christian, The Gift of Giving Life and Made for This are NOT required, however they are recommended at a later time.

Birth Module Textbooks
*The Labor Progress Handbook is NOT required reading, however it is recommended for additional advanced study.

The Birth Partner.jpg


Changing Birth on Earth.jpg
Labor Progress Handbook.jpg


Infant Care Specialist Module Textbooks (other textbooks are provided)

The Baby Book.jpg
Happiest Baby on the Block.jpg
Wonder Weeks.jpg


The Premature Baby Book.jpg


Preemies Essential Guide.jpg

Postpartum Module Textbook | 
(other textbooks are provided)

Next Level Postpartum Doula.jpg

Breastfeeding Module Textbook / 
Choose From ONE of the Following

Dr. Jack Newmans Guide to Breastfeeding.jpg
Breastfeeding Answers.png
Ina Mays Guide to Breastfeeding.jpg
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.jpg
the breastfeeding book.jpg
Nursing Mothers Companion.jpg

High-Risk Pregnancy | Pregnancy, Infant & Child Loss Module Textbooks (other required reading textbooks for this module are provided)

companioning the bereaved.jpg
Your Guide to Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss.jpg
Your HighRisk Pregnancy.jpg
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