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Vicki Cannon 

The Elite Doula | Doula Birth Coach Trainer & Mentor | Social Worker | Christian Counselor & Certified Formation Therapist | Women's Wellness Coach | Herbal Medicine for Women Student | Owner & Founder of The Elite Doula & Co  

Vicki, is The Elite Doula and owner and founder of  The Elite Doula & Co. She is  grandma, a mother of  5 (1 girl and 4 boys), ages 15-to-34, and she brings you her life-experience and professional expertise of over 30 years working with families and training/mentoring students.

Her work as a doula birth coach began in the early 90s after supporting one of her good friends during pregnancy and birth, as the friend's husband was a United States Marine deployed overseas during the Gulf War. She had attended several births before - both her own and patient births, but never as a doula. That was completely different. A love seed (pun intended) was planted that day ... And so it began!


Beginning in the 80s, Vicki began her career as a certified medical assistant in a busy and successful OB/GYN practice in Southern California, and that is when she was fortunate enough to accompany the OB to numerous deliveries (long story short - he dated her mother ... anyway). In the 90s, she was an anatomy & physiology and medical assistant college instructor. Then in 2010, she changed gears after graduating with a Bachelor of Social Work and began working with families in crisis who were involved with child protection due to abuse/neglect of their children. She was a high-risk investigator for some years. As you can imagine, that work takes a toll on someone's heart & soul. In 2017, Vicki continued her work with families as a pregnancy, postpartum & grief counselor and adoption social worker working with birth mothers. She has vast experience working with survivors of trauma including physical and/or sexual assault. She also gave back to her community as a volunteer crime victim advocate.  ​All the while, Vicki has taught childbirth education and premarital classes, has been a parenting, marriage & family and life skills coach - and of course a doula birth coach and trainer.  

Vicki started her doula certification with one of the larger certifying agencies, however she quickly learned that limitations placed by those agencies regarding scope of practice, as well as the agency's values on self-worth/value as a woman entrepreneur earning a full wage for services and having limitations on having full and complete autonomy while running her own private practice, she knew certification with one of those bigger agencies was not right for her. Over the years, Vicki has seen the dire need for and has been called to train the next generation of doula birth coaches ... better. And so, The Elite Doula Birth Coach Training Academy was born! 

Vicki's Philosophy 


So that mom and baby can have the best and safest pregnancy and birth possible, Vicki works with physicians and midwives alike. Her philosophy regarding childbirth is that it is truly a uniquely blended space between a woman's God given, innate and natural ancestral wisdom to birth her baby as naturally as she chooses and/or as safely possible - combined with the knowledge of highly-trained medical providers, safe medical interventions as needed, and modern-day lifesaving medicine. It is not an us against them philosophy, as seen in much of the more natural doula/birthwork community.  

She supports mom during the birth journey no matter what it may look like. She attends home or hospital births, VBACS and C-sections, scheduled inductions, medicated or unmedicated births, as well as multiples and high risk deliveries. Vicki also works with families experiencing a severe or fatal prenatal diagnoses, as well as pregnancy, infant & child loss (PICL). And as all our doulas do, she works with moms from conception all the way through the 4th trimester - and sometimes beyond if needed offering continuity of care throughout the entire process. 

Vicki serves by mentoring and training the next generation of Christian, prolife doulas. 

In her free time, Vicki loves spending time with her family & friends. She is a TexaCali (Texas Cali mix) Christian woman who believes in traditional family values. She loves to write for her blog and wants to write a book someday, she loves essential oils and making natural remedies, loves her dogs, all things Texas and bling, Red Dirt Country and Classic Rock, long walks on the beach holding hands watching the sunset ... oh wait ... wrong profile.  Vicki is friendly, outgoing, funny, bold, some sweet and a lot of sassy, and she loves hard!  


Contact Vicki directly:

Email: Use the contact form on the home page

Cell: 325-232-5933

We are so glad you found us. Now, meet the rest of the Elite team! 

before you go 

We also have a whole line of holistic remedies that are 100% all natural and safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as a natural remedies line for the entire family. Make sure you check that out! 


Kesha - Blended Baileys Elite Doula Trai

Kesha Bailey

Elite Certified Christian Prolife Doula | EDC Lead Trainer & Mentor | Owner & Founder of  Blended Baileys Birth & Babies | Serving in DFW, Texas

Kesha, is our DFW area Elite Doula trainer and mentor. She is a full spectrum doula, and owner & founder of Blended Baileys DFW Doula Services. She is a mother of 3 living biological children, 3 heaven side angel babies, 4 bonus children all ranging from 4-to-26 years old. She is also the grandmother 2 grand children. Kesha brings you her life-experience and professional expertise of over 10 years working with families.


Her work as a doula began in the 90s when she supported her best friend during her birth. She trained as a birth doula in 2000, and shadowed a group of doulas for a year working side-by-side with them. Kesha also spent 10 years working as a postpartum doula and newborn/infant care. Kesha never certified with a larger doula agency because she quickly learned she was not going to answer to or have the agency governing her work as a doula. In 2014, Kesha completed her training as a certified medical assistant, and went on to work for a Chiropractor and health and wellness doctor for 2 years, as well as working in pediatrics and social work for 3 years, while continuing to serve her doula clients as well. Kesha loves to continue her education and has trained in baby-led weaning, safe sleep practices, car seat safety, and has studied under an IBCLC for the past 5 years. She successfully breastfed all her babies for 3+ years. 

Kesha's Philosophy 


Kesha knows that God designed a woman's body to carry and birth babies, that through His design, women are capable of birthing with little to no medical intervention. She believes every birth is unique and personal, and every family should be supported in having the birth they choose, whether it's a medicated birth, an unmedicated birth, a hospital or home birth, or a scheduled C-section because that decision belongs to the family who is bringing life into the world. Kesha knows God created the world and everything in it, He is the center and should be glorified in all our works. She believes in the traditional Christian family structure, however she does not judge others for their beliefs or choices because as a Christian, she believes she is called to love. 


She supports families during the birth journey no matter what it may look like and wherever they choose to birth their baby. Kesha prides herself in giving every client the VIP treatment and she attends every birth herself without calling on a backup doula. She also experienced loss, so she is able to empathize and hold space for those who experience loss or when there is a fear loss may occur due to a serious or fatal diagnosis. Having experience with grief and loss, as well as working as a postpartum doula, Kesha is trained in recognizing postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety disorders. She is able to refer clients to help when needed as she has a vast list of resources available if needed. 

Kesha serves a select clientele in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, area,  while also mentoring and training DFWs next generation of Elite Doula Birth Coaches. 

Kesha is a born and raised proud Texan. In her free time, Kesha loves spending time with family, watching movies, and fun outings centered around her children and grandchildren. She admits she even has a bit of an adventurous side, as she enjoys thrill rides and theme parks as much as the kids do!


Contact Kesha directly:


Cell: 214-208-2704

Blended Baileys Birth & Babies



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L&D Certified Logo .png
Kelli Jo.JPG

Kelli Steiner

EDC Student Doula | Owner of

Nurture You Doula Support & Women's Wellness Center | Serving Evansville, Indiana

Kelli is the owner of Nurture You Doula Support in Evansville, Indiana- currently serving postpartum mothers with big plans to expand services soon to include Childbirth Education, Maternal Wellness and Mental Health Coaching and Full-Spectrum Doula services. Kelli is a mother to 3 children, 11, 6 and 5. Each of her postpartum experiences were different, and each one brought new challenges. Kelli has been passionate about helping empower sisters in motherhood since 2009, and when she discovered that she could make it her life’s pursuit and help put food on the table as well, she knew instantly that it was her calling.

Becoming a mother at the young age of 22 showed Kelli a world that she’d been oblivious to before. Isolation, shame, despair and confusion quickly filled the voids where laughter, silliness, joy and passion had once been. Kelli often wondered where she could find her “village” that was supposed to help her raise this child. It wasn’t until 6+ years later, when her 3rd child was a year old that she finally found her “village” and began to overcome her feelings of isolation and shame. Kelli has experienced the effects that the massive gap in maternal care during the “fourth trimester” that modern society has created, and she seeks to help close the gap in her community with her doula-work. She believes with her whole heart that the traditional methods of caring for postpartum women should inspire modern women to make changes. She believes that family should be the top priority of all people and support for all mothers should never be out of reach.

With 11+ years of first-hand, in the trenches, experience as a mother coping with postpartum mood and anxiety disorder, education in the field, and a passion to build a sisterhood of mothers who can lean on one another- Kelli is going to be a great asset to those birthing and parenting clients that cross her path. Kelli is certifying through The Elite Doula and Co Training Academy to be able to provide full spectrum doula services to individual clients as well as be certified to educate the community on birthing, maternal care and parenting. Other education includes studies in psychology, child development, aromatherapy, massage, infant care/massage and maternal mental health.

Kelli has a big heart and does everything she can to make her clients feel loved, there is not much Kelli won’t be willing to do for a new parent to make their life with a newborn easier. She accepted Jesus as her savior only a few years ago, and she has a unique way of relating to people of any faith. Kelli loves to read, draw, write and just relax with her family in her spare time. As an Army-brat Kelli easily adapts to any situation, has a likeable personality, she is respectful and kind always.

Contact Kelli directly:


Web: Nurture You Doula

Cell: 812-787-2394

L&D Certified Logo .png
L&D Certified Logo .png

Laurelen Muller

Christian Prolife EDC Doula | EDC Mentor/Trainer | Owner of

NOURISH Birth & Wellness | Serving Indianapolis, Indiana

Laurelen is the owner of NOURISH Birth & Wellness in Indianapolis, Indiana. She serves everywhere within a 2 hr radius: Indianapolis, Bloomington, Ft. Wayne, Louisville, Dayton, Cincinnati, and everywhere in between. She is the wife of Michael and mother of Trippe (5), Olivia (2.5), and Theodosia (8 months). In addition to being a wife and mom and running these businesses, she is the Executive Director of Speak for the Unborn. She sees birth work as a primary component of pro-life ministry. If we are going to advocate for the lives of babies in the womb, then serving and supporting moms in every capacity possible should be a priority. 


She received training as a doula in 2019 after hiring a doula for her second birth and realizing what a profound difference they make! She’s had three very different birth experiences: a vaginal birth with epidural, an unmedicated vaginal birth, and an emergency cesarean birth. She has also fed her babies three different ways: formula feeding, exclusive breastfeeding, and exclusive pumping (for her G-tube baby). She had two NICU babies: one who stayed just a week, and one who stayed nine weeks, born 600 miles from home. After now walking the road of being a mom of a child with special needs, she is particularly passionate about serving families who have received a difficult diagnosis in pregnancy or postpartum. 


She believes in approaching fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum in a holistic sense. In order to best serve her clients in this way, she is also a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) and is currently finishing a pre-and-postnatal fitness specialization through Girls Gone Strong. She helps her clients by supporting their physical bodies with strength and resilience through movement that feels good and helpful. She leads a virtual program called NOURISH, which is a gospel-centered approach to nourishing your mind, body, and soul, so that you can be fully present to serve in the capacity to which you’ve been called. It combines daily habits, spiritual disciplines, and physical movement, and is safe for pregnant and postpartum women. 


In a “past life” (really just a few years ago), Laurelen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Music and a Master’s Degree in Music Education. She taught middle and high school choir, including competitive show choir, for four years. While she absolutely loved teaching music all day every day, she did not love the schedule and having to be away from her family 80-100 hours per week during show choir season. So, music is now a favorite hobby and a way she serves her church. She also loves running, traveling, reading, and bougie coffee.



Laurelen's Philosophy


I believe that God created women’s bodies beautifully and powerfully to bring new life into the world. When supported in a holistic way, women can give birth in a way that is normal and natural. Birth (and really all of motherhood) is the opportunity to surrender to our weaknesses, trust in the power of God and how he has created us, and find power through that grace and mercy. Birth is transformative because it takes us to such a deep place of surrender and knowledge of God’s sovereign goodness as new life is brought into the world. The opportunity to support a couple becoming a family, and the woman in particular, through such an incredible part of life and to witness the birth of a new image-bearer is an amazing gift and calling that she does not take lightly.


Contact Laurelen directly:



Instagram: @nourishbirthandwellness

(502) 509-7603

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L&D Certified Logo .png
Lisa Popp Headshot.jpg

Lisa Popp

EDC Student Doula | Owner of Birthsong | Christian Doula and Childbirth Educator | Serving Denver, Aurora, and Parker, Colorado and Surrounding Areas

Hi! I’m Lisa Popp, owner of birthsong. I’m a Christian Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator serving Aurora, Parker, Denver, and the surrounding areas. I’m a wife, mother of three wonderful little boys, a sweet baby girl, and we have another babe on the way! My faith is a huge part of who I am, and I love to sing, read, dance, and spend time outside in God’s beautiful creation here in Colorado!


I began my birth doula training in 2012, and received my certification through DONA International in 2014. Since then I’ve supported a myriad of different birth experiences over the course of 10 years. When I began having my own children I decided to let my certification lapse and step away from birthwork for a time, to better attend to my own family. I have now begun the adventure of re-certification through The Elite Doula and Co! I can’t wait to support you in your birthing journey!

Lisa's Philosophy


Birth is both an exquisitely unique and amazingly unifying experience for women. We have both the benefit of the experience of all of the mothers before us, and the incredible knowledge that our birth has never happened before, nor will it ever happen again! As women, God has designed our bodies perfectly to birth our babies, and we are blessed with His love and support as we grow, birth, and nurture our babies and families. As a doula, it is my blessing and honor to support mothers through this journey. I believe each mother should be able to choose where and how she gives birth, and who is there to support her. Whether you’re planning a home birth, a birth center birth, or a hospital birth, it is my deepest wish that you have exactly the experience you need most. I love walking alongside mothers and families planning unmedicated, medicated, and cesarean birth. No mother should feel unsupported in her birth experience. If you’re searching for a doula with the knowledge, caring, and experience to empower you, to pray with you, and to support you through your pregnancy, birth, and beyond, it would be my joy to be that doula for you! 
Contact Lisa directly:
Social: @birthsongcolorado on fb/insta
Cell: 931-561-8264

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L&D Certified Logo .png

Tamika Chambers

EDC Student Doula | Owner of  Dou+ality | Serving in South Carolina

I am a wife, mom of 5, and I love Jesus with my whole heart! I've been called "hippie" and "crunchy" on occasion due to my affinity for baby-wearing, home schooling, cloth diapering and all things herbal.

My venture into birth work began the birth of my first child in 2012. Following a traumatic birth experience of my own, I felt cheated out of the experience I desired, which drove me to educate myself on what went wrong and how I could have a better birth the next time. My next four children were born at home and it was through this journey to home birth that I learned I had options, and not only that, but also that very few women are made aware of what those options are. I felt compelled from then on to educate other women of the same and to help them to have their best birth experiences.

My research and study led me to the discovery of the glaring gap in the continuity of care for mothers in the period between childbirth and postpartum recovery. Because of my own struggles in the postpartum period, I’m dedicated to help moms create the support systems they need, not only in bringing their babies Earth-side, but in their transition into their new roles. 

Every woman deserves to have her best birth!

Tamika's Philosophy


I believe that our bodies were purposefully designed by God to bring forth life, and I believe that when a woman is lovingly supported, encouraged and knowledgeable in how her body was designed to work then she is fully capable of birthing a baby, and she will have greater success in doing so. I believe that birth is meant to be a natural, organic and joyful experience.

The fact that so many generations of women have been taught to view birth as something unnatural that needs to be “managed” with the many medical processes and interventions that so many women are subjected to, and that it must take place only in a certain setting, is disheartening, and I truly believe that the experience of birth can be a pleasant one in any setting or circumstance, whether it be un-medicated at home, in a birth center, medicated in a hospital, or in a tent out in the woods, so long as the much needed support system is there. My heart's passion is to help women to create that support system for themselves so that they can have the best birth experience possible!

Contact Tamika directly:

@dou_ality on IG

Dou+ality on FB


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L&D Certified Logo .png
Monique photo.jpg

Monique Moore

Elite Certified Christian Prolife

Labor & Delivery Birth Doula | EDC Doula Mentor/Trainer | Owner of  Grace of Life Doula | Serving in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Monique Moore is a Birth Doula, Lactation Counselor and Childbirth Educator, mother-mentor and aspiring sleep consultant. Her journey into the birth world really began with her own birth experiences. With each of her 4 pregnancies she would read and study prenatal, birth and breastfeeding material (before the internet!). She didn’t know then that she was empowering herself with knowledge that helped her make informed decisions for herself.
Beginning in 2006, she stepped into the role of a doula with her sister’s births and was smitten with a deep love for birth. Encouraged by a mentor to seek certification she went through the process with the large certifying organization. During this time, she had four homebirths and breastfed her babies. She trained with ICEA to become a Childbirth Educator. Exploring the possibility of becoming a midwife led her to spend six months working as a midwife’s assistant, attending births, and teaching childbirth classes.  She realized in that time that her passion really was helping moms intimately during and after birth, as well as mentoring mothers to embrace the role of motherhood.
Three devastating miscarriages led to a time of introspection and withdrawal from the birth world. A move, a house fire and a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome with her son seemed to push her further from it. In the summer of 2020, a friend asked her to be her doula and the passion rekindled. She became disillusioned with her previous organization and was so thankful to find Elite Doula & Co. to take her training and knowledge to the next level while not compromising her Christian values. She is looking forward to serving families in birth, postpartum, and into their sleep shaping/training years for the glory of God.
Monique has been married 12 years to a Firefighter/Paramedic/Wildland hero, and is the mother of 9 biological children, 2 stepchildren and 3 heaven-side babes. When she is not chasing her precious toddler or homeschooling, she enjoys family walks and mountain hikes as well as park playdates with friends, old and new.

Monique's Philosophy
Birth is a God-designed means for being fruitful and multiplying in the earth. Although it is an intricate and beautiful process, because we live under the curse of the Fall, it is fraught with struggle and pain. It is a reminder of our frailty and fallenness and this provides an opportunity for the mother to be vulnerable, while it provides others with an opportunity to serve her in her need. To be present when an immortal soul enters into our time and space is a sacred honor and should be treated with the utmost respect.

Contact Monique directly:
Social: FB: Grace of Life Doula
IG: @graceoflife719


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L&D Certified Logo .png
Kimberly S.jpg

Kimberly Sirles

EDC Student Doula | Owner of The Massena Bump | Serving in Massena, NY

I’m Kimberly Sirles, founder of The Massena Bump. I am a doula currently supporting families through pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding in Massena, New York. I am a mother to a 1 and a half year old daughter that is currently still nursing. Also, I have been married for 3 years. The last 8 years I have been a licensed cosmetologist. This began my passion for helping and caring for others.

The birth of my daughter in March of 2019 was the inspiration for me to become a doula. My daughter was breech until 38 weeks and my plan was to not have a cesarean birth. I was determined to flip my baby. So, I looked into Spinning Babies. I was lucky enough she finally flipped. Through advocating for my self during labor and breastfeeding I was inspired.
Breastfeeding had started off difficult with my daughter. She was later diagnosed with lip, tongue and cheek ties. I struggled with clogged ducts and milk blebs. We had trouble latching. I did not receive the support or knowledge I needed so I began to search to further educate myself. I believe knowledge is powerful and is key to being successful. My dreams are to be able to support other families in ways I wish I had more support.

Contact Kimberly directly:
Web: The Massena Bump
Social: The Massena Bump on FB
Kimberly Sirles @ The Massena Bump on MeWe
@TheMassenaBump on Parler
Cell: 315- 296-7864

L&D Certified Logo .png
L&D Certified Logo .png

Whitney Williams

EDC Student Doula | Photographer | Owner of East Layne Photography | Serving the DFW Metroplex, TX

Whitney is the owner of East Layne Photography in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas. She is currently a full spectrum birth photographer and soon to be doula with Elite Doula &Co. She serves mothers in all stages of motherhood from fertility to seasoned moms. She is a wife to her high school sweetheart of 7 years and is the mother to two children, a boy (4) and a girl (2). Whitney experienced both a cesarean section and a VBAC, so she brings that knowledge to the birth space. After watching so many births behind the lens of a camera, Whitney wanted to become hands on and make sure her patients are advocated for and taken care of. 


Whitney lives her life holistically, including eating a mostly paleo diet, sourcing her food locally, encapsulating her placenta, using homeopathic home remedies instead of traditional medicinal care, and making sure everything in her home comes from a clean source instead of using synthetic chemicals. With this mindset, she brings an organic feeling to your birth space. She wholeheartedly believes a woman can give birth in the way God designed her to. That He created her body intentionally and beautifully and only in certain circumstances should she need a cesarean. However, with this being said, Whitney is an advocate for informed choice. If you are informed about all of your choices and decide to do something based on your information, Whitney will support you 100% in whatever you do. 


Being a mother of two, Whitney has experienced postpartum depression, going through the mentality that "your body has failed you", and having that redeeming birth. After having her own children and being present for so many other womens' births, she knew that just photographing wasn't going to be enough. She will be a doula and photographer, and is eventually wanting to be a certified IBCLC and possibly become a midwife once her children get older. The home birth community is becoming larger and we will need all hands on deck! 


Whitney makes sure that every client of hers feels completely safe and taken care of in her care. She has a nurturing spirit and loves holding all of the babies (with parents permission of course!). Whitney serves at her church as a newborn caretaker during services and serves during the week for the backend prepping for the kids ministry. Whitney loves being outside with her kids and watching them react to the world around them. She tries to live her life with that child-like faith that both of her children have, such as, praying for any and every small thing and never taking anything for granted that God has given us. While she is very strong in her faith, she loves the diversity of people and learning about their backgrounds and where they come from. Whitney loves spending time with her family, going on dates with her husband to local restaurants, singing, being on the water with her paddleboard and meeting new people! 

Whitney's Philosophy


Birth is a sacred and holy space. Women were intentionally created to be the bearers of life. God created women so beautifully with the qualities to be gentle and caring and courageous. I believe women should never be exploited during their labor or delivery. Women, when birthing with a strong support team, can do anything. Birth is just as much mental as it is physical. A mother who embraces both, and is informed of what her body can and will be doing, will be empowered in her God-given design.  

Contact Whitney directly:
Web: East Layne Photography
Social: East Layne Photography on FB
East Layne Photography on IG

East Layne Photography on Pinterest
Cell: 214-325-2065


L&D Certified Logo .png
L&D Certified Logo .png

Noella Hannah

Elite Certified Christian Pro-Life Labor & Delivery Birth Doula | Nanny & Newborn Care Specialist | Serving the DFW Metroplex, TX

Noella was born and raised in France, where she graduated in 1987 with degrees in culinary arts and childcare.


In 1995, Noella visited the United States, and she fell in love with this beautiful FREE country. For over 30 years, Noella has worked as a professional nanny and newborn care specialist. She served multiple professional families providing nanny services, household management and culinary services, while specializing in children with special needs. She is also a French tutor! Noella and her husband married in 2012, in the State of Texas, and by the Grace of God, Noella became an American citizen. 


Noella attended her first birth in 2018, which she describes as an "amazingly miraculous natural birth" and Noella heard the Spirit calling to her, "This is the way it should be." 


Noella's Philosophy


There is nothing more beautiful than to experience birth the way God intended.

Contact Noella directly:
Cell: 972-464-7928


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