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Sleep Training Truths, Myths and Natural Solutions

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


This blog, Sleep Training Truths, Myths and Natural Solutions was literally born from seeing so many negative comments on social media about sleep training, the sleep training consultants themselves, and overall lack of parents' understanding of what sleep training really is!

As I continue my stress-less parenting series, I felt called to set the record straight, and give parents the information they need to make informed decisions about sleep training, so they can make the best decisions for their own family!

Separating Myth from Truth

🖤 Truth - The biggest myths and reasons why some parents are so against sleep training, most likely, is misunderstanding.

➳ Period!

🖤 Truth - Sleep training is NOT 🚫 child abuse/neglect.

➳ It's not about leaving baby/kiddo to cry and scream for hours or about neglecting their basic needs of food, diaper changes, parental comfort/bonding, etc. There is absolutely no evidence to support sleep training, done the right way, is harmful, neglectful, or abusive in any way.

🖤 Truth - Poor sleep habits/patterns are most likely NOT 🚫 because of poor gut health, parasites, toxic heavy metals, etc.

➳ In fact, the evidence does not support probiotics for infants, babies, or even young children. There simply is not enough sufficient research to know which particular strains might be most effective, for which conditions, in what doses, and when. Before you consider adding probiotics to your own (when breastfeeding) or your baby's diet, talk with your pediatrician.

🖤 Myth - Baby/child just needs a chiropractic adjustment and the problem will resolve itself.

➳ Interesting, a 2018 study found chiropractic adjustments only reduced crying by about 1 hour.

🖤 Myth - I can find out all I need to know from other moms in my Facebook mom groups.

➳ Ummm, I'm leaving that right there!

🖤 Myth - Babies and young children do not need to be trained to sleep better. They are supposed to wake frequently or they'll die from SIDS.

➳ Well, yes and no. Researchers have suggested that arousal from sleep may be essential for resumption of breathing in babies who have less effective self-starting mechanisms. The difficulty with waking up may place infants at higher risk for SIDS. Infants are not designed to sleep through the night until they're mature enough to do so safely. This has nothing to do with getting baby down to sleep, to sleep well, and sleep training is not about newborns/infants staying asleep all throughout the night, so you can get your full 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep! 😴

🖤 Truth - Babies routinely wake during the night because they are hungry, thirsty, need a diaper change - or simply out of habit.

Natural Sleep Solutions

If you're little needs some extra help falling asleep or staying asleep (age appropriate), essential oils can be used safely.

🖤 Infant Massage

➳ Studies have shown that babies who are held, massaged, carried, rocked, and breastfed will grow into adults that are less aggressive and violent, and are more compassionate and cooperative.

➳ Benefits of infant massage include bonding, assists in overall growth and development, sound asleep, relaxation, and reduced fuzziness. It is also beneficial in relieving discomforts of gas, colic, and digestive issues.

➳ Benefits also include improvements in respiratory, circulatory, and immune system functions.

🖤 Gentle and calm infant massage using YL Seedlings Body Lotion, YL Seedlings Baby Oil, a few drops of lavender, SleepyIze, Gentle Baby, or Peace & Calming is a perfect addition to baby's nighttime after bath 🛁 before bed routine.

🖤 Best Essential Oils for Baby Sleep 💤

💧 YL Roman chamomile

💧 YL Lavender

Or 💧YL KidScents SleepyIze

Place a fee drops each of Roman chamomile and lavender OR 4 drops 💧 of SleepyIze into the adorable Feather the Owl diffuser, that functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine—owl in one!

🖤 Don’t buy your oils from Amazon or Walmart etc, they are full of dangerous chemicals, toxins, and who knows what, only use the best and highest quality oils! Get your own wholesale account and save 24% right here! 👇🏼

For More Information

What to Expect | Sleep Routines

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Email me for referrals to Sleep Consultants or more education on using essential oils for all of your family's needs:

I'm beyond blessed to be a Christian Counselor, Social Worker, Women's Herbal Medicine Health & Wellness Coach, Aromatherapist, and a Doula Trainer! I'm now passing on my wisdom to the younger generations! 🌸🖤🌸

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